2011 Pearl Harbor Odds and Schedule


2011 Pearl Harbor Memorial Tournament Odds to Win (with comments):

Leo: 15/1 – Medium price to win tournament, but rock solid odds-on favorite to complain about the way the tournament is run, the distribution of salt on the potato chips, temperature of the beer, etc.

Pat: 20/1 – Team #6 is off form and has missed a lot of weeks, tough to see a return to top form here.

Goff: 15/1 – Wily veteran and multiple time champion could have his way with light top half of winners’ bracket

Barber: 50/1 – Tough to see a win from here.

Fred: 50/1 – Only if hell freezes over.

Matty: 30/1 – Dark horse to come out of top part of bracket, finding his stride in second year back.  Plus he has Fred in first game and that is worth something.

Kohler: 50/1 – Draws Craig in first match and it doesn’t get any easier from there.

Craig: 8/1 – Our favorite to come out of the top half of winners’ bracket.  Soild contender.

Tom: 15/1 – Multiple champion would be a much lower price in the top bracket.

Mark: 20/1 – Is in good form, but amount of beer consumption over the long grind of the Pearl Harbor is a major concern.  This is a marathon, not a sprint.

Bob: 8/1 – Defending champ is always a tough customer.  Another who would be a lower price had he not drawn into the brutal bottom half.

Jeff: 10/1 – Perennial Pearl Harbor choke artist gets brutal draw and is off form of late.

George: 3/1 – Multiple time champion also takes the worst of the draw, but has proven time and time again that he will be right there when the dust settles.

Bucko: 15/1 – Another who was done no favors by the draw, but is one of our dark horses considering recent good form.

Frank: 3/1 – Seasoned veteran has multiple Pearl Harbor feathers in his cap.  Guaranteed to be right in the mix.

Fesi: 30/1 – Couldn’t have drawn any worse in the brackets.  Tough to see.


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