Commissioner’s Corner – 2/20/2015

As we enter the last night of the regular season, the potential quarterfinal matchups are beginning to take form.  Frank and Craig have already locked up the #1 overall seed for the upcoming playoffs, congratulations guys!  Likewise Joe Fesi and John Goff have clinched the #2 seed.  Jeff and Pat are locked into the #3 seed since they have a 3 game lead with 3 games to play and hold the tiebreaker with George and Mark even if they were to wind up tied in the standings after league play tonight.

There are all kinds of scenarios  regarding the #4 through #9 seeds, too numerous to begin to recount in this post.  We will simply have to wait and see what shakes out tonight.

The #8 v #9 tiebreaker match will be held next Friday night, 2/27.  The #8 seed will have choice of board and a time for the match will be determined based upon availability of the participants.  I would like to have one of the quarterfinal matches on 2/27 also, if we can work something out schedule-wise, so please think about your availability that night and I will contact everyone early next week to try to get another match scheduled for 2/27.  The remaining quarterfinal matches will be conducted on 3/6 and 3/13.  The semifinals will be held on 3/20 and the finals will be held on 3/27.

See you all tonight!

The Commish


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