2016 Pearl Harbor Results

“ Long Live the New King”


By: John Goff (AP)

Congratulations to Jeff Hanson for winning the USA Today week nine Pearl Harbor Shuffleboard Player of the Week Award.  On a night of many firsts, Jeff won his first Pearl Harbor Championship and final piece of a career Grand Slam over defending champ Frank Ferrese who won 6 consecutive games to come out of a talent packed losing bracket after falling to Jeff in the first round of the winners’ bracket.

In the first round of play four past Pearl Harbor champions went down in defeat. Joe Fesi personally took down two after major open heart surgery surgery ten days ago.  John Goff, Frank Ferrese, George Ewe and Tom Ferrese with a combined total of 19 titles over 24 years were in the losers bracket before they could say “Thai Basil, the official catering restaurant of the tournament open six days a week and closed on Monday”. Throw the late Bob Skierski titles into the mix and you have a small group of players winning 22 of 24 championships. Welcome to the group Jeff Hanson.




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