Week 13 POTW

Congratulations to Don “Chicken Nugget” Gorecki for winning the USA Today Lucky Week Thirteen Player of the Week Award.  Don lead his team into second place chasing the first place Ferrese Brothers. After the hard fought battle Don’s partner George “The Wrench” broke out in a heavy sweat of WD-40 and had to be carried out of the building and laid in the back of his truck with the dogs licking his body trying to heal their master.

Just another mysterious ailment going  through the league’s top players. Everyone is asking what is wrong with the “Fesi-Goff” team.  The Three Time Champions and League Champions two of the last four years are slowly breaking down and are in last place. Goff has been ill for six weeks suffering from dioxin poisoning during the Pearl Harbor tournament and Fesi has lost another inch off his left leg since the tournament and all his shots are being pushed to the right.  USA Today is following this big story coming out of Washington that Congress is investigating a Russian involvement plot to knock off the top older democrat players in the league.



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