Week 14 POTW

Congratulations to Frank “ Lonely At The Top” Ferrese for winning the Week Fourteen USA Today Player of the Week Award.  In front of the largest crowd in Shuffleboard history Frank lead his first place team to victory over the brown egg in your face second place pretenders on Friday night.

The Crowd kept getting bigger during and after the match between the top two teams in the standings.  There were people downstairs in Red hats and Pink Cat hats holding signs and wearing shirts saying “You’re Pathetic”, “Pee-Pee Tape”, F-Clooney”, “Fo “POTDS-45”, “Leo Heads”, “Mayonnaise Sandwich”, “We Won 28-0”, “Chicken Lives Matter”, “Limp Wrench”, “Transgender Wrestler”,  “Gemmell Shit Shot”, “Four Larro’s Short”, “Puppy Love”, “Mistake”, “Lu Lu Eye”, “Village Idiots”, “Dominick for Commissioner”, “Cold Beer & Pink Hats” and “If Your Name Is Not On The Memorial Board You Must Still Be Alive Old Man Fesi”.



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