Week 20 POTW

Congratulations to John “Goffstradamus” Goff for winning the Shuffleboard Player of the Week Award for Week 20.  “Goffstradamus” an original HHSBL member has been hot lately predicting  the Presidential Election and all three upset wins from last week, to the delight and amazement of a packed house at HHSOI.  With two weeks to go before the playoffs the Ferrese Brothers need one win to clinch the First Pace bye.  The remaining six teams are so close in the standings that he is staying away from any predictions.

Goffstradamus, who no one believes to be a prophet, wrote: “The great shameless, audacious bawler” is a direct reference to Mr Trump and his outspoken, unapologetic style of campaigning.  He also wrote “The Wrench and the Hangman’s Noose becomes one” referring to a possible first round playoff loss.  Again, If you’re looking for a safe place to play shuffleboard please call our Commissioner at 856-495-ISAP.



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