Semifinal #1 Result

Congratulations to Jeff Hanson and Rob “The Hitman” Ferrese for advancing to the finals for the second year in a row by defeating Joe Fesi and John Goff 3 to2 in the best of five semi-final match. Rob and Jeff were down 2 to 1 and won the final two matches to clinch the win. When the last game was getting close Jeff took off a four and tucked over for a five to put the match away.  The Hitman had several key take offs of Joe Fesi’s shots in the final games to help the victors pull away.  The Semi-final match was officiated by John “The Cooler” Koehler.

Jeff and Rob will meet the winner of the number one seed Frank & Craig Ferrese against the number four seed Jimmy and Matt on Friday night.  The last semi-final match will be officiated by George “The Wrench” Ewe.  Again, If you’re looking for a safe place to play please call our Commissioner at 856-495-ISAP.

USA Today


Goff Fesi






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