Week 7 POTW


Breaking News – The Reigning Champs of The Commish and Rob “The Hitman” Ferrese take down the first place Ferrese Brothers in three straight games. With the sweep over the Bama Boys of Roy Moore and Jeff Sessions we now have a first place tie between the two hot teams. The rest of the league is in a five way battle for third place.

This was the first meeting of 2017 season between the two teams that played for the championship in each of the last 2 seasons with The Hitman now becoming the best player in the family.

The featured matches this Friday are the early game pitting the first place reigning champs against three time league champs Fesi-Goff and the late game featuring the other first place team Ferrese Brothers against George and Don.  Don’t be surprised if both young first place teams lose some games to the veteran teams.

Speaking of young, where is Pats partner Erin the “Virgin”.  The last time a virgin has been missing this long was over 2000 years ago when Joseph could not find Mary.

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Week 5 & Week 6 POTW


The Ferrese Brothers were the USA Today Week Five winners.  The Ferrese Brothers & Subs have been dominating every week winning thirteen of their first fifteen games.

2017 W5 POTW - Ferrese Bros

The Week Six USA Today Players of the Week are Joe “Puppy Love” Barber and Joe “Shit Shot” Fesi.  The Two Joes led their respective teams to victory over the second and third place teams after getting shut out the previous week.   Barber dominated last year’s champs Jeff & Rob (The Hitman) and Shit Shot Fesi broke the back of George and Don sending them out of the top three.

The featured match next week is the early game between the current top two teams in the standings – 2016 Champs Jeff & Rob against 2015 Champs The Ferrese Brothers.  With five teams trying to improve in the standings trade talks are rampant between the “Wrench” and “Cooler” before the Pearl Harbor trade deadline.  Don, Glenn, Leo, Goff and Pat have been instructed “do not drive home over the Chappaquiddick Bridge”.

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Week 4 POTW

The Ferrese Brothers are the USA Today Week Four players of the week winners.  It only took the boys four weeks and three subs to take over first place.  Frank Ferrese teamed up with sub Don Ferrese and swept past Puppy Love and Pusscakes taking all three games.  The old Dogs are struggling this year with a “Ruff” early schedule but may catch a break this Friday playing the new team of Pat (The Whore) and Erin (The Virgin).

Week Four Winners: Frank & Don

Losers: Pusscakes & Puppy Love

The featured match next week is the late game between the Ferrese Brothers against their arch rival of Fesi -Goff.   Rumors have it that heavy money is going on Fesi- Goff to win two of three if both brothers show up without a sub.

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Week 2 & Week 3 POTW


“The Good, The Bad and The Ugly”

The play of the last two weeks was dominated by Glenn “The Rooster” Hanson and Don “Chicken Man” Gorecki, our Week 2 and Week 3 “Player of the Week” winners, respectively.  The Good was the Chicken Man and the Rooster being undefeated as subs.  The Bad and The Ugly was watching their own team’s matches.  Team Captain Cooler Koehler has the Rooster going home with a different driver each week for his own protection from his teammates and the Wrench will see why his partner couldn’t go with his left while he was missing the last two weeks.

The featured match next week is the early game between defending champs The Commish & The Hitman and their arch rival The Wrench & The Chicken Man.  A loss by the champs could well put the Ferrese Brothers, who have been playing well, back into first place.   Remember to support Thai Basil, the proud sponsor of HHSBL.


Week 1 POTW


On the first night of league play the reigning champs of Good & Lucky picked up where they left off in last year’s final.  Jeff and Rob won three straight and look like the top team again this year.

But the most exciting match of the night featured a familiar face with a new uniform coming off the bench to win his teams last two games, including tossing a night high 10 in the last game.  After watching a first game loss Captain Nick “John Cooler” Price was so disgusted he pulled his ace starter and inserted his prize offseason acquisition – free agent journeyman middle reliever Jimmy Wong – to clean up the mess, and the rest is history.  When interviewed while basking in the glow of the victory with a cold Yuengling, The Cooler said “We still have a lot of work to do.  These guys are pathetic.  Dogs off the street”

2017 2018 - W1 POTW - Jimmy Wong

Player of the Week – Jimmy Wong

2017 2018 - W1 - Cooler Koehler

The Cooler Agonizing Over Lineup Decisions

The featured match next week is the late game between the new guys against the old guys. Remember to support Thai Basil the proud sponsor of shuffleboard.

Wells – Ewe win 2017 Skierski Cup


Breaking News – That loud noise everyone heard at 2:30 Saturday morning was Bob Skierski rolling over in his grave.  Pat Wells and George Ewe teamed up to run the table on all contenders to win the 3rd Annual Skierski Cup Championship.  It was the return of Pat Wells from his Mosquito-Lifetime ban to the final table for the first time since his 2012 Pearl Harbor Championship loss to George Ewe that eventually ended with fines, penalties and many hurt feelings.

Pat was brilliant on the Shuffleboard Table and he also won the top prize on the Poker Table. This was the second Skierski Cup title for George and his Tenth Major Title.

Well Ewe 2017 Skierski Cup

Pat Drinking Skierski Cup

Jeff Hanson and Joe Fesi took Second Place with a shutout win over the Third Place Team of John Goff and Craig Ferrese after they lost to Ewe-Wells.

The second loud sound you heard was Bob Skierski rolling over again in his grave when the four new players turned on the Rap music.  The new guys belong to the Biggie Smalls & Tupac Shakur murder rap investigation group.  The loud music was the final blow that took down Barber, Goff and Laskowski, who were struggling under the big lights all night.

The league schedule opens up this Friday night in the year of the Horse with the new guys forming a team. We all thank Drew, Mike, Scott and Erin for competing in their first tournament and a special thanks too Thai Basil the official sponsor of Shuffleboard.

Cicalese Skierski Cup

Doyle Skierksi Cup

James Skierski Cup.jpg

Ramalho Skierski Cup